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Traditional Wooden Toys, including, Wooden Toy Farms, Wooden Toy Castles, Wooden Dolls Houses, Wooden Sit n Ride Toys,               Wooden PushAlong Toys, Wooden Toy Trains, Wooden Toy Cars, Lorries, Buses, Wooden Name Trains, Wooden Skittles,                        Wooden Building Blocks, Wooden Baby Walkers, Wooden Abacus, Wooden Stacking, Sorting and Hammering Toys, Wooden Mobiles,        Wooden Jigsaws, Wooden Noah's Arks, Wooden Alphabet Letters, Dominoes, Wooden Balance Bikes, Skipping Ropes,               WoodenToddler and Baby Toys, United Kingdom Based, Rocking Horse and Dolls House Restoration, Commissions undertaken


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Traditional Wooden Toys

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Welcome to our website. Traffic to our site is supported through Toy Shop UK The Toy Works prides itself with providing only quality Traditional Wooden Toys that have been selected for their play value, product reliability and value for money.


We have been making our own products like Toy Farms, Castles, Dolls Houses and other Commissions, together with our Rocking Horse and Dolls House Restoration Service since 1985 and understand what the customer wants in what has now become a niche market.


Traditional wooden toys have always been popular and in todays marketplace there is an ever growing demand for these time tested and proved toys.


I hope your time spent visiting this site will be both enjoyable and relaxing and that you will be able to find the toy that fits your requirements.


Kind regards,


Paul Commander, (Proprietor)



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